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Prospective students

I’m interested in working with individuals who are enthusiastic about science and the investigative process it entails. I believe that the time spent in the lab and field should be simultaneously fun and productive, and I expect to create an intellectually stimulating team environment. I look at personality and work ethic before grades or test scores when selecting students. I also believe that students learn most by hands-on experience, so I tend to emphasize research over course work. I look for people who are creative and can work independently, but if needed I can provide closer guidance in the first year in my lab. My office is open to lend advice and I strive to return documents in a timely fashion. Funding can be through Research Assistantships, but there are a limited number of Teaching Assistant positions available in the entomology department. There are also different options available to attain fellowships within and outside MSU. Interested students and/or postdocs should contact me for available positions or opportunities to apply for funding collaboratively. Please contact me by email if you are interested in joining the lab: szendrei “at”