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Pollinators in urban farms
Bee Urban Growers (BUG)

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The BUG Project is a North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) funded research grant dedicated to both pollinator conservation and supporting small-scale, urban farmers. We work with farms growing cucurbits (squash and pumpkins), which are popular, pollinator-dependent crops. 

We have two primary objectives:

  1. Improve pollinator habitat and pollination services in urban agricultural settings 
  2. Provide farmers and community members with educational resources on accessible pollinator habitat management practices  

 To achieve these goals, we plan to: 

  • Provide select urban farms with native plant strips, which offer food and habitat to pollinators
  • Survey native bee communities and evaluate pollination services by assessing cucurbit pollination 
  • Collaborate with farmers to determine perceptions of pollinator management practices
  • Organize educational outreach events and workshops, create and distribute extension materials relating to pollinators and their habitat management

By providing small-scale farmers and community members with educational resources relating to pollinator management, we hope to improve pollinator habitat in urban agricultural systems while simultaneously boosting food security in underserved communities. 

Throughout this project, we will be hosting and participating in numerous outreach events and workshops involving pollinator management and urban agriculture.