• Asparagus beetle larvae

    Asparagus beetle larvae

  • Checking a pitfall trap

    Checking a pitfall trap

  • Spreading mulch

    Spreading mulch

  • Heatwave cages in potato

    Heatwave cages in potato

  • Squash bee nectar feeding

  • Honey bee hives near cucumber fields

  • Asparagus beetle overwintering cages

    Asparagus beetle overwintering cages

Research in the Vegetable Entomology Lab focuses on the ecology and management of arthropods that occur in vegetable production. We are interested in pollination, chemical ecology, biological control, habitat management, insect transmitted plant diseases and behavioral pest management.

The new Earl & Linda Peterson West Michigan Research Station in Hart will support agriculture in Oceana, Mason and Newaygo counties, with an emphasis on tree fruit and asparagus. https://t.co/b1GWiiypx0

@MSUEntomology @ariana_h9 @entojen @zinan_wang @Jenna_M_Walters @lizzbutterflies @Recevej @KayleighCH3 @CANRatMSU Congrats to all!! What an awesome group of people @MSUEntomology

@susta1nabeelity @NorthfieldTobin @CrowderLabWSU What an honor and joy it has been to have you in the @msuvegent lab for the past couple years. Excited to see your career move to the next awesome step!

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