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DEI Statement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are important, interdependent components of everyday life in the Vegetable Entomology lab and are critical to our pursuit of academic excellence. In the lab we take actions to address racism, inequality due to socioeconomic status and gender by regularly talking about DEI issues and striving to create safe spaces for everyone. We devote at least one lab meeting per semester to discuss DEI topics and to stay informed. We implemented protocols to make it safer for all people to work in the field and we train our new members in field safety. Lab members are encouraged to take part in DEI activities whether in or outside the entomology department. Examples of activities that lab members have been involved in include DEI reading groups, participating in workshops or serving on a fellowship committee for undergraduates from underrepresented groups. Students in the lab are encouraged to invite speakers to our department to talk about DEI issues and to thoughtfully build DEI into their developing careers.