Zsofia Szendrei


I am an associate professor in the Entomology Department and I’m also a faculty member in the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Program at Michigan State University. My responsibility is to develop a program focusing on arthropod pests in order to provide solutions to the vegetable industry in Michigan. My appointment is 50% extension, 30% research and 20% teaching. The extension component of my appointment allows me to interact with extension agents and the vegetable grower community and identify arthropod problems that they face in their production. I then take these problems to the lab and investigate them using appropriate and modern research tools. Once results are attained, I communicate the outcomes to the growers and I facilitate the adoption of improved or new pest management methods. When I’m not in the lab or office, I spend time visiting growers and extension agents around the state. Collaboration is essential for my work and I actively seek partnerships with people in other disciplines whose experience complements mine.

Email: szendrei ‘at’ msu.edu