Patrick Stillson

I joined the Vegetable Entomology Lab in 2018 after discovering a passion for entomology while working with several other agriculturally focused entomology labs at MSU. I graduated from MSU with my B.S. in genomics and molecular genetics, and in my graduate studies I am excited to combine my love of genetics with entomology. Some of my research interests include studying insects as vectors for agricultural crop pathogens, plant pathology, and plant-insect interactions. My current research is directed at identifying leafhoppers, from celery and carrots fields, that are infected with Aster Yellows phytoplamsa (AYp). The goal of this work is to inform growers of the leafhoppers’ infectivity levels, and by doing so, they have a better idea about what harm the leafhoppers do to their crops.

email: patrick.stillson ‘at’