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  • Asparagus beetle

  • onion plot setup

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  • Szendrei Lab, Spring 2016
  • Vegetable Entomology - Michigan State University
  • Cucumber field in Southwest Michigan
  • Asparagus beetle larvae
  • Onion research plot setup
  • Bee and hoverfly on mustard flowers
  • Extension meeting, Grant, MI 2015
  • Plot maintenance in Hart, MI
  • Checking a Japanese beetle trap in an asparagus field.
  • Hand weeding flower plots.
  • Szendrei Lab, Spring 2017
Research in the Vegetable Entomology Lab focuses on the ecology and management of arthropods that occur in vegetable production. Research themes include chemical ecology, biological control, habitat management, and behavioral pest management. The methods we use range all the way from the field to the molecular lab.

NCB ESA – March 13-16, 2011

Alex, Rob and Zsofia will be attending this year’s ESA North Central Branch Meeting in Minneapolis. Alex will be giving a 10 min talk in the student competition on cabbage insect research, Rob will be presenting a poster in the student competition about his asparagus miner research, and Zsofia will be giving a 20 min talk in the Potato Symposium on Wednesday about Colorado potato beetle research.

ESA Meeting – Dec. 12-15, 2010

At this year’s ESA meeting, Rob will be giving a 10-min talk and Alex will be presenting a poster in the student competition on Monday, Dec. 13. Zsofia is co-organizing a symposium with Russ Groves on “Emerging pests and research approaches in vegetable pest management.” The symposium will be on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 8.30am – 12pm in the Royal Palm Salon 2.

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