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New celery funding!

Jeremy’s research on celery leaftier and aphids was funded by MSU’s Project GREEEN. This funding is granted for research that will make a positive impact on Michigan’s plant agricultural industries and is able to integrate research and extension activities.

M.S. Defense

Alex has successfully defended her M.S. thesis titled “Influence of living and non-living habitat complexity on arthropods in strip-tilled cabbage fields”, and she will soon be moving to her new job in Kentucky. We will miss you!

New Publication

Congratulations to Alex! Her first peer-reviwed publication -as first-author- is currently in press and will be published in an upcoming issue of Environmental Entomology. The publication is about the effects of strip-tillage, cover crops and weeds on insect communities in cabbage fields. Our two co-authors are Dan Brainard and Erin Haramoto from MSU’s Department of Horticulture.

New Year = New Job

Congratulations to Adam Byrne and Diana Londono! They are both moving onto new jobs to further their careers. Thanks for all the great work you have done while in the MSU Vegetable Entomology Lab. Good luck in your new endeavors!