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Carrot seeding at SWMREC – May 26, 2010

Take a look at Courtney’s beautiful photos of our day in Southwest Michigan.

Celery fields – May 25, 2010

Celery fields forever! And some biocontrol in action!

Asparagus planting – May 19, 2010

See the photos of our day in Hart, MI where we planted a new asparagus field.

Potato seeding at Montcalm – May 18, 2010

We spent the day with seeding an entire field of potatoes BY HAND!! No small undertaking, but a job made easier by many busy hands. Check out the  photos!

Barley seeding at Montcalm – May 17, 2010

Check out photos of our day at the Montcalm Farm, where we seeded barely into the borders of carrot plots.

Lab renovation update – April 21, 2010

Check out the PHOTOS! We have finally moved back into the labs for the most part and found a new home for our colonies and equipment. With field season upon us, this all happened just in time!

New lab member! – April 16, 2010

We are very happy that Alex Bryant will be joining the lab in June 2010. This summer Alex will be developing her Ph.D. research project and she will be looking at the effects of strip tillage and habitat complexity on herbivores and natural enemies in different vegetable cropping systems in Michigan. Most of her research will be done at research stations in different parts of MI. Welcome Alex and good luck!

Field plots – April 11, 2010

The whereabouts of asparagus, carrot, potato and cabbage field research plots is starting to take shape. Planting and seeding of all these crops will soon begin with full force.  Our field plot at the Collins Road research farm is now ready for the plow – thanks for the cleaning efforts of Adam, Pete, Anna and Meghan. While working out there in the rain, we got 2 lab trucks stuck in the mud…we are waiting for the sun to come out…any minute now.

Lab renovation update – April 11, 2010

We are moving in! Finally all the renovation is done, physical plant left the lab, and all we have to do now is to fill our beautiful new drawers and cabinets with stuff that has been stored away during the renovation. Just in time for the field season…Photos will be updated once we have completely moved in and installed new equipment. Stay tuned.